The Southern Migration of Sailboat Mockingbird

The Journal of Justin, Natasha and Miss Kitty Wompus's adventure down the intercoastal waterways to Stuart Florida.

Friday, December 01, 2006

So....I bet your wondering whats going on, where are we and how is our trip going? Apologies for the lack of updating the blog but we havent had very much luck with internet during our trip since the last post. But here we are. YES we made it to our destination and does it feel great! We finally finished our trip yesterday evening. We are moored in a lovely Ancorage called "Southpoint Anchorage". It has all the offerings that a regular expensive marina would have but it also has the privacy of living in your own home with not so noisy neighbors, and of course a waterfront view. The little yellow house provides showers, laundry, and free internet. Plus the historical town of Stuart is only a 10min walk from here! Which makes it convienient for us!

I will update more on our trip through the Carolinas, Georgia and finally florida later. For now enjoy some of the pictures we took on our trip.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Since last post a lot has happenend. . . .

At Mile Marker 229 on the Intercoastal waterway plus 80 miles before that. We have been traveling a far distance and have many more to go since Stuart Florida is around 975.

We finally finished crossing the Cheaseapeake Bay which was an adventure and made it to the Intercoastal Waterway finally in Norfolk VA. Norfolk was busy since there is a huge naval base. We saw hundreds of warships, helicopters, and naval airplanes. We had to cross under several bridges that were like elevators. We actually stayed near the Naval Base called Willlohoby Bay. In the morning I saw naval planes and jets sore in the skies, it was like nothing I have ever seen before. Helicopteres circled us and jets roared.

Finally we landed on Dismal Swamp a protected canal. Its a detour off the intercoastal watereway. With much nicer views, then condos and interstate bridges. Our first night on the intercoastal wateway was at the North Carolina tourist center. Where most larger sailboats than us rafted up together. None of them rafted up with us, maybe because we were smaller than them I really couldn't tell. We spent a lovely evening there, Justin's family came and visited. It was a pleasure having them, Justin's Uncle, Aunt, Grandma and Mother were there. And for the first time we managed to fit 6 people onto a 26ft boat. Very exciting. We had soup and laughed and chatted.

Next days we plowed down the Intercoastal. We stayed at Justin's mom's old house. We saw seagulls, pelicans, and cormorant(swimming ducks,eat fish). The sunset and the sunrises were amazing from the boat. Along the way we stayed at some small creeks with hardly many boat nearby. We finally got to take a shower the other day after a few weeks. We used a solar shower bag and boiled hot water, then we mixed it with cold water and took a shower in the cockpit. It was an interesting experience as I have never done that before.

Now we are in Swansboro North Carolina at mile marker 229. Its kinda nice here. Very few boats are anchored. I think there is an airport nearby. And of course we get free internet access because of the marina across from us. Tommorow we are heading toward Wilmington North Carolina. We hope to anchor there and spend a few days there, its a long day tommorow and we will to get up early if we want to get there early enough. We are almost done with NC and cannot wait to venture through South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida.

I can tell the weather is getting warmer. We saw Dolphins on our trip down Bogue Sound North Carolina. It was amazing. I don't think I have ever see wild dolphins other than ones in capitivity. The nature and wildlife that you see on a boat is amazing. Its so much better to view things from the waterway. I went grocery shopping today and was walking next to a loud highway and it was freakin me out because ive been like in another world that is so much quiter!!

Miss Kitty Wompus is doing better. She is very Nocturnal and likes to prowl at night. She still doesnt like the daytime very much but we try to encourage her every chance we get.

Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please post comments as we love to hear what you think.. I will try post as much as I can. But internet is hard to get sometimes.

take care
tasha and justin

Sunday, October 29, 2006

This has been so far a whirlwind of an adventure. Ive been learning so many things about being on the water and living on a sailboat. Ive been treasuring every moment and I continue to take everyday one day at a time. This is a big change for me. Ive never been really on a sailboat let alone lived on one. And yet it has always been a dream of mine, and see now its coming true.

Sailing is sort of like camping, out in the outdoors, cooking on alcohol stoves, taking showers outside in a solar shower, and using the restroom in either portapotties or specially made ones on a boat just for you! I have to say Ive grown a lot since I left home a couple of weeks ago from visiting with family and friends. Ive learned to not worry to much about what I look like, cook on a alcohol stove, and clean, orgainze and conserve. Ive learned to enjoy life for what its worth and this is sort of a break for me from the conservative life where I worked everyday and never really sat and enjoyed what I have.

I know that it seems that from my family and friends point of view that Ive changed and Im not the same person as I used to be, some would say that Ive lost connection with them because Ive grown and they havent, or some would say they see me growing and like me just as best as I was before. Just wanted to say that my family and my friends are always in my heart and though it may not seem like im always there I do care and I do miss them. I just need something of my own. I feel like Ive depended on others for most of my life, asking for answers and asking for other things, making what should be my own decisions, others decisions. But not anymore, its time that Ive changed and it has taken a long time for me to get here, some part of me still is stuck in the past but I know that for the most part I have changed for the better and I can support myself and know what my dreams and wants are.

Miss Kitty Wompus our kitten. Has been having trouble adapting to the boat. She does find the cabin very comfortable, but since the cold weather the outside has been a fear of hers. We just put up netting around the boat for her sake but can't seem to get her to enjoy the outdoors with us yet. We feel she will get used to it eventually as cats usually adapt well, it just takes them awhile. Definately think she will get used to it more when the warm weather arrives. Shes still as crazy as ever, enjoys laying in our laps, purring, playing with random things in the cabin, including her toys, and the usual, sleeping, eathing and restrooming.

This trip down the intercoastal waterways has already been an adventure, but though we are not on the intercoastal waterway I am getting better everyday! The picture above is a picture I took around sunset, Justin was working on redoing the rigging on the mast and was all the way at the top which was amazing since its 35ft off the water. I thought it was a beautiful pic. We were docked in Pocomoke City, MD. There for a couple of days to do laundry, work on the boat, and get ready for our big adventure. Today we are currently in Onancock,VA. Been here for a few days because there are high winds and rainstorms, but all has died down and we head off to Cape Charles,VA a 10hr trip and our next anchorage.

More to come later. Take Care. Sincerely Tasha